5G Outlook Training for Florida Wireless Businesses

For Immediate Release 2/11/20Learning Alliance Newsroom

Learning Alliance (LAC) and the Telecommunications Education Center (TEC) partnered through their Authorized Training Partner program to deliver 5G initiatives and training.

“This program provides the necessary skills training for the workforce that will physically build 5G infrastructure,” said WIA President and CEO Jonathan Adelstein.

To start, LAC built a 5G Outlook Training program to assist Florida wireless companies an in-depth 3-day training in 5G workforce development. This training also incorporates rigging, OSHA and other certification-based necessities those companies may require in line with the Telecommunications Industry Registered Apprenticeship Program (TIRAP).

“It is sometimes difficult to obtain the budget necessary to upskill your workforce,” said LAC CEO Cesar Ruiz. “With our 5G Outlook Training program, there is no cost to Florida wireless businesses.”

The program funding comes from Florida State funding grants for employer-based training initiatives.

“This program is a stepping stone to 5G deployment in Florida. It will take effort from both companies and educational institutions,” said LAC CCO Fred Arnold. “We must watch 5G evolution closely so we can adopt training initiatives fast.”

LAC plans to bring together multiple resources to bridge the gap to 5G in their own backyard – in the state of Florida.

“Being an ATP will help provide the industry with trained professionals who are ready to take on these new 5G builds,” said Ruiz.

Each program developed will also incorporate TIRAP based competencies to align with their mission to “meet infrastructure build out needs.”

Ruiz discussed the difficulties educational institutions may face in keeping up with fast paced 5G evolution. He states hybrid training centers that deliver cross trained Tower Technicians will be best suited to train a new workforce.

News Contact: Fred Arnold, CCO
Phone: 813-261-6018 ext. 711

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