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Shared spectrum offers a low-cost option to deliver high speed broadband in rural and underserved communities who might otherwise have limited access. While demand for this type of infrastructure increases, so does the workforce demand.

To meet this need, Federated Wireless and Learning Alliance have partnered to provide CBRS CPI certification to LAC Broadband program students. By providing access to CPI training to large network service providers, WISPs and individuals seeking a career in telecoms, LAC and Federated Wireless are helping grow and strengthen the market for shared spectrum connectivity. In doing so, all players benefit in the ecosystem and provide real career opportunities and professional development for veterans and civilians.

“CBRS presents a unique way to expand LTE capability to many areas of the US, including rural broadband,” said Fred Arnold, Director of Operations for Learning Alliance. “Through this partnership, we hope to provide our students access to jobs that CBRS/DAS focused.”

Learning Alliance plans to certify over 2,000 CPIs over the course of its two-year partnership with Federated Wireless. This will place potential CBRS technicians into the field nationally and expand the footprint of this evolving technology. The LAC program offers students the capability to learn wireless, wired, broadband, and fiber systems through a blended lecture, online, and hands on simulation approach, and will include a hands-on simulation of a CBRS installation – from SAS to radio.

Learning Alliance plans to certify over 2,000 CPIs over the course of the two-year partnership that places potential CBRS technicians into the field nationally – expanding the footprint of this evolving technology. A final step in this approach will be providing Augmented and Virtual Reality solutions based around CBRS frameworks. These AR/VR training options provide a great hands-on approach to learning the complex skills that go into radio installation.

“We don’t just want them to be certified, we want them to know the equipment, the SAS, the IRUs, the baseband, and the requirements for troubleshooting that entire system.” Cesar Ruiz, President and CEO of Learning Alliance

Inside Towers "Tower Talks" podcast

LAC and Federated Wireless sat down on the Inside Towers’ Tower Talks podcast to discuss CBRS, their partnership, and the training opportunity for students on September 9th, 2021. You can access the podcast on the Inside Towers’ Tower Talks website or using your preferred platform, such as: Google, Spotify, Amazon, or iTunes.

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Are you interested in Telecom Training?

LAC’s Broadband Digital Installer Program gets you the training, skills, and certifications you need to start a new career in the telecom field today. Even better is that our hands-on accelerated training program can prepare you to start in weeks not years! Learn, graduate then get to work! Over 80% of our students are employed after the program.

Thousands of CBRS Certified Professional Installer, Tower Technician, Fiber Optic Technician, Structured Cabling Installer, and Telecommunications Technician jobs are available today. Fill out the following form to get more information on your new career today!

Are you interested in CBRS/CPI Certified Technicians?

We are proud to announce the graduates from our partner, Learning Alliance, now come with the CBRS/CPI certification powered by Federated Wireless, and we wanted to connect with our employer partners to see who has CBRS needs in the workforce?  Our recruiting partner at CollabFirst place 60-100 new CBRS/CPI certified technicians into the industry a month and are always looking for more employers.

Whether you need to build a new crew to go after new CBRS contracts or you just need more CPIs to work on your existing projects – LAC students can help you fill those needs on a monthly basis.

Low-Cost, High-Speed LTE with Shared Spectrum

WISPs offer fixed wireless solutions to serve rural and suburban markets where other solutions aren’t cost-effective. You need low-cost options to deliver high-speed broadband services in communities that are often underserved today. Spectrum sharing in the Citizens Broadband Radio Service (CBRS) 3.5 GHz band offers a new opportunity for WISPs to invest in network upgrades that expand the availability of reliable and affordable fixed broadband service.

For more information on becoming a WISP or incorporating CBRS technologies at your company, please fill out the form bellow and a Federated Wireless representative will get in contact with you as soon as possible.