Shout out to Veterans

Learning Alliance Blog – 11/11/20

We here at Learning Alliance dedicate each day to providing Veterans an education that matters. Transitioning out of the military can be a difficult feat, and it takes time to adjust to a new way of things. We help them through that adjustment. Our time in business has been an accumulation of inspiring Veteran stories. Each graduation, each job placement – we see the benefits of hands on based training methodologies that combine e-learning and physical repetition. We would like to take a moment and highlight some of our Veterans, their time in the industry and how they have grown in wireless.

Matt, Philip and John – Three of our Top Graduates

We love to hear from our graduates and see their progression in the Wireless Industry. We got with a number of our past students. See what they have to say!

Matthew Villanueva, a retired Army veteran with telecom experience, wanted a challenging career. After completing 150 training hours in programs like Competent Climber, Rescuer, and First Aid/CPR, Matthew is now employed as a Tower Tech II and attributes his success to LAC.

“Training put me ahead of others who were applying for the same position. I was able to start my employment as a Tower Tech II, rather than Tech I, which meant a higher salary.”

Philip White, also an Army veteran, completed 130 hours of training that gained him employment as a Foreman with SAC Wireless. Although White had some telecom experience while serving duty, he said the training helped him secure a higher salary. “My LAC experience was very hands on. It was easy to understand and gave me the courage to go out there, climb the towers and get my career started,” said White.

John Neufeld, also a military veteran, was looking for work outside of the standard 9 – 5 office job. Neufeld completed 130 hours of training in ten days and is now employed as a Tower Tech I at Capitol Towers.

Neufeld said, “The skills and knowledge that I’ve learned at LAC have helped improve the way I communicate with my team members. It’s very important to effectively communicate the importance of safety when I’m at the top of the towers every day. What I’ve experienced and learned at LAC has improved the recognition, respect, and promotion from my Employer.”

What Does the Future Hold?

Learning Alliance never stops when it comes to developing robust training simulations that prepare individuals for a job at hand. Our future initiatives are bold but necessary to combat the worker shortage in the wireless industry. As always, we stand behind Veterans as key players in solving the the race to 5G. Our Director of Operations, Fred Arnold, a veteran himself, discussed why Veterans are great additions to the wireless workforce.

“The wireless industry is a great choice of employment for veterans because it requires strength and determination. Serving the military provides a purpose, and veterans live everyday helping those who are not themselves. At one point, they fought for the freedom of each and every person in the United States. To me, the wireless industry is a different type of front line. Building communications helps our nation and our people grow. Communications connects a mom to her daughter, a father to a son. It connects an overseas veteran to their wife or husband. A veteran who transitioned served their country once, and a job in wireless means they can continue to serve our country – albeit in a different capacity.” – Fred Arnold, DOO, Learning Alliance

We take the industry and its initiatives seriously. Here is a quick run down of our steps forward and what is to come:

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