Broadband Fiber Digital Installer Program

In Learning Alliance Corporation’s Broadband Fiber Digital Installer Program, students will learn the fundamentals of fiber optic transmission theory from the ground up. Beginning with safety and handling, students will be exposed to all the elements in a typical fiber optic network including the various cable types, connectors, installation methodologies and industry standards.

BFDI Diploma​ Program Structure

In the BFDI® (Broadband Fiber Digital Installer) program, students will complete a total of 109 hours of course work over a 3-week period.

Hands on training will be conducted at LAC’s newly constructed facility based in Tampa Florida that has been constructed to simulate all potential sites that our graduates will run into in the workforce, varying from rooftops to various towers.

LAC’s fiber training features a proprietary hands-on component where our students splice, set up enclosures and trays, trench with heavy machinery, pull conduit and fiber to vault, set a pole, activate the fiber, and test the full back-haul system for dB loss.

The prerequisites for entering LAC’s Fiber Optic program are a High School Diploma or equivalent.

The BFDI® diploma covers the following topics:

  • Overview of fiber optic applications & installations communications systems utilizing fiber optics​
  • FTTx Workshop​
  • Installation techniques for fiber optic networks at the premises & outside plant fiber optic cable splicing and termination​
  • Testing fiber optic components & cable plants​
  • Antenna Types

Field experience installing and testing fiber optic networks include the following: ​

  • Experience preparing various cable types​.
  • Experience with fusion splicing and several termination types​
  • Experience testing with visual inspection, VFL, OLTS, OTDR

In addition to the central certification, BFDI® students will also achieve basic certifications in:

  • OSHA10 Construction
  • CPR, First Aid, Blood Borne Pathogens
  • 30’ Ladder Handling and Fall Protection
  • Bucket Truck Certificate
  • Fall Protection and Rescue


Learning Alliance Corporation is sponsoring a 5G Small Cell Deployment Training course with NATE in Tampa, Florida on May 21. This comprehensive course is targeted at existing industry employees/employers and will cover a wide range of 5G small cell deployment related topics. Click the link below to find out any further information.

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