Broadband Fiber Digital Installer

Broadband Fiber Digital Installer

Program Description:  Broadband professionals will be instructed on what is involved in certifying the reliability of the drop for digital TV, high-speed Internet, and telephone service, as well as step-by-step installation procedures for each service. Because DOCSIS and PacketCable technologies are unique to the broadband cable industry, the course provides extensive information about their origination and the advantages that each offer. Due to the rapid growth of and interest in home security and home automation within the broadband industry, this course covers the protocols that power the connected home as well as the connected home ecosystem. For the Digital Broadband field practice, we use NCTI courseware and an internal product called VIPER which is a virtual installation center of 48 different homes.


Broadband Fiber Digital Installer - 109 Clock Hours

17BB – 01 / Installing Digital Services
16 Hours
17BB – 03 / Telecommunications System Operations
14 Hours
17BB – 04 / Installing Telecom Server Components
12 Hours
17BB – 11 / Installing 5g Wireless Integrated Technologies
14 Hours
19BF – 12 / Overview of Fiber Optic Applications and Installations
5 Hours
19BF – 13 / Communications Systems Utilizing Fiber Optics
8 Hours
19BF – 14 / Fiber Optic Components Appropriate for Fiber Optic Networks
8 Hours
19BF – 15 / Installation Of Premises and Outside Plant Fiber Optic Cable
8 Hours
19BF – 16 / Splicing And Termination
8 Hours
19BF – 17 / Testing Fiber Optic Components and Cable Plants
8 Hours
19BF – 18 / Hands-On Lab Exercises Including Hands-On Splicing, Termination and Testing
8 Hours
Candidates should be over 18 years of age, have a valid driver’s license and a High School Diploma or GED.
Cost of books are included in the tuition cost.
The total cost of the program is $6,500.
The duration of this course is 109 hours
You will receive a DIPLOMA in Broadband Fiber Digital Installer.
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Enrolled: 188 students
Duration: 109 hours
Lectures: 11
Level: Beginner