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Welcome to our Wireless Program Gallery! Learning Alliance partners with many different companies for training initiatives in the wireless industry. Through our partnerships, we are able to provide you interviews with industry leading companies during our two week program. The benefits of our set up include:

  • Potential to obtain a job offer from an employer before your graduation
  • Obtain access to our subject matter experts in resume and interview skill building to help you achieve the best interview outcome
  • Get in-depth briefings on each employer on-boarding process. Understand what you need to know when you need to know it – this helps streamline getting to your employer
  • Multiple opportunities – many wireless companies are hiring around the US. Find out what your best match is!
  • Hourly rates for Tower Technician job positions run between $17-22.65/hr
  • Read more about some of our different partners to the right, or check out our partnership page for a full list of our partners

Program Certifications

Welcome to our Wireless Program Gallery! Our motto is hands on first, so the student will demonstrate majority of their competencies in a hands on environment where 60% of the curriculum is done on a training or real cell tower. Our students obtain these important industry level certifications during their 130 hours:

  • Competent Climber
  • Competent Rescuer
  • OSHA 10 Construction/Telecom
  • CPR/First Aid/AED (American Heart Association)
  • Computer Literacy Certificate of Completion
  • Advanced Rigging Certificate of Completion
  • Capstan/Hoist/Crane Spotter Certificate of Completion

Tower Technician Life

Tower Technicians are an elite group of individuals who work on elevated structures. In 2015, there was an estimated 29,000 Tower Climbers in the United States, so this job field is limited to those who climb without fear. To be a Tower Technician, you must be able to identify with these characteristics:

  • No fear of heights – can you scale a 600 ft. tower?
  • Physically in shape and mentally prepared
  • Willing to travel for weeks on end
  • Adaptable to stressful situations
  • Safety conscious and patient
  • Fast learner
  • Natural leader who can be a part of a team environment

Wireless Tower Program Gallery

Are you ready to climb without fear?

We hope you enjoyed our wireless program gallery! Do you want to discuss program and employment opportunities with one of our recruitment specialists? We can answer all of your questions regarding our Tower and Fiber programs.