Broadband Wireless Digital Installer

Program Description:

The Broadband Wireless Digital Installer program offers specialized training in wireless data centers, fixed wireless, in-building wireless, and coaxial broadband infrastructure. It encompasses a range of topics including the installation and operation of data center services, with a focus on the latest 5G technologies, as well as distributed antenna architecture. Key aspects of the curriculum cover regulations and standards relevant to wireless technology, safety protocols including OSHA standards and RF/EME hazard awareness, and essential skills for working in wireless environments like authorized climbing and rigging operations.

In addition to technical skills, the program emphasizes the development of professional soft and hard skills, preparing students for various workplace scenarios. The course also includes detailed insights into LTE inspections and guidelines. Upon completion, students receive certification exam vouchers for the NCTI Applying Wi-Fi Technologies Certification, endorsing their proficiency in the field. They also are provided certification exam vouchers for certifications through JMA Wireless on antenna connector training. This concise program is tailored for those seeking a career in the evolving domain of wireless data center installations.

Program Objective:

The program objectives center around career readiness for individuals interested in joining the telecommunications industry as a data center, in-building wireless or distributed antenna system technician. Students are prepped through hands-on practicals and labs and provided certification vouchers to take certification exams through NCTI – specifically the Applying Wi-Fi Technologies certification.

Broadband Wireless Digital Installer - 112 Clock Hours

17BB – 01 / Installing Digital Services
16 Hours
17BB – 03 / Telecommunications System Operations
14 Hours
17BB – 04 / Installing Telecom Server Components
12 Hours
17BB – 11 / Installing 5G Wireless Integrated Technologies
14 Hours
19BW – 12 / Regulations and Standards
8 Hours
19BW – 13 / OSHA And Wireless RF/EME and Hazards
8 Hours
19BW – 14 / Authorized Climber
12 Hours
19BW – 15 / Soft and Hard Skills
8 Hours
19BW – 16 / Rigging and Hoist Operation
12 Hours
19BW – 17 / LTE Inspections and Guidelines
8 Hours
Candidates should be over 18 years of age, have a valid driver’s license and a High School Diploma or GED.
Cost of books are included in the tuition cost.
The total cost of the program is $6,500.
The duration of this course is 112 hours
You will receive a DIPLOMA in Broadband Wireless Digital Installer.
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Enrolled: 259 students
Duration: 112 hours, 3 Weeks
Lectures: 10
Level: Beginner