Digital Wireless Infrastructure Technician

Program Description:  Rapid growth and expansion of 5G initiatives nationwide have placed a demand on skilled workers to install and deploy 5G systems. Our Digital Wireless Infrastructure Technician program readies a student for a career in Wireless by providing the initial foundations of job site safety, industry fundamental knowledge, and technical skills. The student will perform the installation of 5G, antenna, and small cell devices on multiple structures utilizing a number of industry-standard tools and operating necessary equipment to complete defined statements of work. Upon completion of the course, students will be knowledgeable in industry safety standards, RF/EME standards, and troubleshooting wireless systems built on fiber or coaxial backhaul.

Digital Wireless Infrastructure Technician – 229 Clock Hours

19BF – 12 Overview of Fiber Optic Applications and Installations (Online)
19BF – 13 Communications Systems Utilizing Fiber Optics (Online)
19BF – 14 Fiber Optic Components Appropriate for Fiber Optic Networks (Online)
19BF – 16 Splicing and Termination (Online)
19BW – 12 Regulations and Standards (Online)
19BW – 13 OSHA and Wireless RF/EME And Hazards (Online)
19BW – 14 Authorized Climber (Online)
19BW – 15 Soft and Hard Skills (Online)
19BW – 16 Rigging and Hoist Operation (Online)
19BW – 17 LTE Inspections and Guidelines (Online)

Elective Courses

17SS – 60 Soft Skills Training for The Workplace Lab (On-ground)
17SS – 61 Soft Skills Training for The Workplace 2 Lab (On-ground)
17SS – 62 Soft Skills Training for The Workplace 3 Lab (On-ground)
17SS – 63 Soft Skills Training for The Workplace 4 Lab (On-ground)
17PP – 70 Personal Performance Management 1 Lab (On-ground)
17PP – 71 Personal Performance Management 2 Lab (On-ground)
17PP – 72 Personal Performance Management 3 Lab (On-ground)
17PP – 73 Personal Performance Management 4 Lab (On-ground)
17PP – 74 Personal Performance Management 5 Lab (On-ground)
  • Candidates should be over 18 years of age
  • Have a valid driver’s license.
  • A high school Diploma or GED.
  • Candidate Must be willing to travel out of market/state (50% travel minimum)
  • Candidate Must be able to pass background, driving record, and drug testing
  • Candidate Must be Fit for Duty (Carry 50-75 lbs.)
  • Candidate should have no Fear of Heights. (Work is conducted 150-500 feet in the air)
  • Basic mechanical skill is a plus
  • Ability to work in the outdoor elements (Summer, Winter)
  • Candidate must be under 225 lbs.
Cost of books are included in the tuition cost.
The total cost of the program is $10,000.
The duration of this course is 229 hours.
You will receive a DIPLOMA in Digital Wireless Infrastructure Technician.
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Enrolled: 112 students
Duration: 229 hours
Lectures: 19
Level: Beginner