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Cesar Ruiz

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Learning Alliance and CollabFirst - Defining the Roles

Cesar Ruiz is the CEO and founder of Learning Corporation. LAC collaborates with local and national employers on training initiatives for the wireless industry. Cesar has 22 years of experience in educational program management, implementation and design. Through those years, he has written 294 grants to support employer training initiatives in the state of Florida. Mr. Ruiz also owns CollabFirst, a Tampa, FL. based recruitment organization.

Learning Alliance Corporation (LAC) and CollabFirst (CF) are organizations owned by Cesar Ruiz. LAC and CF operate independently of each other in different verticals. CF focuses on recruitment and job placement while LAC focuses on educational delivery of telecommunications related programs approved through the Florida Department of Education.

Both organizations are ran independently with each having their own Executive Director who runs day-to-day operations. LAC and CF do business together and have a contractual agreement that allows CF to provide wrap-around services to LAC students seeking employment. These wrap-around services include:

– Interviewing preparation
– Resume Building and Writing
– Interview alignment to industry employers
– Job placement of LAC students into relevant industries
– Continued support 1 year after LAC students enter the workforce