FCC Commissioner Brendan Carr to Visit Learning Alliance Corporation

Tampa, Florida — July 13, 2021 — Learning Alliance Corporation (LAC) will be hosting Commissioner Brendan Carr of the Federal Communications Commission on July 14, 2021. During his visit, Commissioner Carr will climb a cell tower with LAC students. He will then be heading to the LAC campus in Tampa to tour the facilities and address the LAC students and local business leaders. While on campus, Commissioner Carr will be introduced to several new and ongoing LAC projects and will observe the student’s hands-on training. 

LAC will be showcasing its augmented reality and videogame projects. Commissioner Carr will be able to see how emerging technologies allow for increased safety while providing virtual hands-on training. With Microsoft HoloLens, future students will be able to interact virtually with much of the same equipment they will eventually use in their future telecommunications careers, according to LAC.  

Learning Alliance CEO and Owner Cesar Ruiz will also address those in attendance. He intends to cover telecom workforce development, industry educational needs, and LAC’s involvement in the NextTech Diversity Program.  

FCC Commissioner Brendan Carr has worked to modernize 5G infrastructure and speed up the development of high-speed networks, prioritizing the expansion of America’s skilled workforce specific to tower climbers and construction crews – both of which are needed to build out next-gen networks. Commissioner Carr has shown his appreciation through a series of “5G Ready” Hard Hat presentations to workers across the country. 

About Learning Alliance Corporation
Learning Alliance Corporation partners with businesses, colleges, and universities to bring U.S. Veterans and civilians stronger training initiatives that equate to solid career growth. By partnering with employers nationwide, Learning Alliance Corporation has created workshops, labs and simulation programs that align the theoretical concepts into real world application learning. This adaptable approach creates learning solutions based on the community specific goals, industry, staff skill level, and corporate culture. Learning Alliance Corporation provides quality instructors, who are highly trained and specialize in the areas they teach. Learn more at https://www.mylearningalliance.com.

About FCC Commissioner Brendan Carr
Commissioner Brendan Carr is the senior Republican on the Federal Communications Commission, and  served previously as the agency’s General Counsel. Commissioner Carr brings over a dozen years of private and public sector experience in communications and tech policy to his position. Before joining the agency as a staffer back in 2012, he worked as an attorney at Wiley Rein LLP in the firm’s appellate, litigation, and telecom practices. He litigated cases involving the First Amendment and the Communications Act. Previously, Commissioner Carr clerked on the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit for Judge Dennis Shedd. And after attending Georgetown University for his undergrad, Commissioner Carr earned his J.D. magna cum laude from the Catholic University of America’s Columbus School of Law where he served as an editor of the Catholic University Law Review. Much of Commissioner Carr’s work focuses on expanding America’s skilled workforce—the tower climbers and construction crews needed to build next-gen networks. His jobs initiative promotes community colleges and apprenticeships as a pipeline for good-paying 5G jobs. Learn more at https://www.fcc.gov/about/leadership/brendan-carr 

Neil Marr
Learning Alliance Corporation
Tel: 1.813.503.8204
Email: nmarr@mylearningalliance.com 

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