Grant Services

Learning Alliance Corporation partners with Learning Alliance School of Continued Education (LASCE) and CollabFirst (CF) to offer multiple grant services in Florida. They support work force development initiatives that help companies train their current workforce, create structured apprenticeship programs and assist with recruiting US Veterans and civilians into open positions.

Incumbent Worker Training Grant Florida

Funded under the federal Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act, the Incumbent Worker Training Program helps businesses with workforce skill gaps by offsetting the cost of structured employee training programs.

The benefit includes up to a potential $200,000 in funding for your various training projects. By maintain a strong workforce development program, your employee will benefit from:

  • Advanced and increases opportunities
  • Employees will obtain industry specific certifications
  • Continuous skill growth
  • Higher terms of service

Read more about the IWT Training Grant:

Veterans Specific Grant Services, Florida

LASCE partner with Veterans Florida to help connect businesses to Veteran specific grant services that help grow a skilled Veteran workforce. Each one provides a unique solution for building a continuous veteran pipeline for your business:

Hiring and training Veterans makes sense due to these factors:

  • Higher retention – Veterans are more likely to stay within your company
  • Higher Interview to Offer to Hire ratio – Veterans are more likely to interview, get offered and accept the offer than other demographics reducing your recruitment costs
  • Veterans come with strong soft skills – being on time, adaptable and skilled

You can read more about why Veterans are great hires: ERE Recruiting Intelligence on Recruiting Veterans

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Grant Writing Services

LASCE organization offers grant writing services that correspond to the different grants that are available. If you are interested in a grant program, we make it easy on you to process the needed documentation – from scope to grant award.

What our grant writing services offer:

  • No cost grant writing – the grant funds all of your expenses!
  • Scope, revisions and submission process is all taken care of by us
  • Integrated approaches allow us to go from Scope to Fulfillment with small impact on your daily operations

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Grant Compliance

After 15 years and over 140 grants served to multiple companies in different industries, we understand the grant process! If you have questions, concerns or needs; we provide a turn key solution for all aspects of the grant maintenance.

What our grant compliance services offer at no cost:

  • We work with you to maintain all grant documentation
  • We help and coach you for audit preparation – if you have an audit, we will be by your side
  • When grants change we help prepare you for those changes
  • If any changes take place, we update your grant documentation at no cost

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Apprenticeship Services

Are you an organization that wants to re-transform how your company trains its employees? Structured Apprenticeship programs allows you to cultivate a strong workforce through continued education and growth. Apprenticeships are not easy. They change the company culture of your organization. Are you ready to take it on?

What our apprenticeship services offer:

  • Coaching on apprenticeship best practices
  • Identifying stakeholder involvement
  • Writing the needed documentation to submit for approval
  • Help network your company to key organizations that can assist in related technical instruction

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Our Corporate Certificate Programs

If you are interested in training and development for your workforce, we offer many corporate certificate programs that may benefit your company. By bringing in subject matter experts in business skills, lean methodology, project management and information technology –  we help your organization grow into an efficient machine.

The number one aspect we look to produce in your organization is adaptability and cultural adoption. Implanting these two methodologies into your team produces data driven results that maximize your return on investment. We offer these categories for our corporate certificate programs:

  • Lean Sigma and Lean Methodology
  • Information Technology Adoption
  • Business Skill Evolution
  • Project Management Processes

Read more about our Corporate Certificate Programs:

What Grants are You Interested In?

Do you want to discuss grant opportunities with one of our grant specialists? We can answer all of your questions from when grant funding is allocated, the process of obtaining a grant reward and how we reimburse you fund. If you are interested in discussing the IWT/EWT grant, contact us today!