Apprenticeship Services

Learning Alliance teams up with multiple organizations to assist companies in the trade industry on adapting Apprenticeship Services and training initiatives to their company culture. Apprenticeship programs are defined by the Department of Labor as a, “…flexible training strategy that can be customized to meet the needs of any business.”

Building an Apprenticeship Program

To build an apprenticeship program, you need to plan through several needs to make your program a success. They include:

  • Involvement from the Business party: every program requires business stakeholders who will be the driving force of the program. Without a committee in place, your program will stagnate and be ineffective.
  • Standardized on the Job training: if your company is based in the trade industry, you probably already have a structured on the job component that your new hires go through. We can take that training and standardize it to be built as the foundation of your program.
  • Related Technical Instruction: apprenticeship programs combine e-learning, instructor led lecture and hands on practice to deliver a well defined and consistent curriculum. You will need to define what your related technical instruction will be (e-learning/web based, or instructor/lecture led).
  • Tiered Skill Progression: an apprenticeship program rewards the apprenticeship with continued wage growth based on fulfilled competency. You need to have these tiers and pay scales defined and tied to your related/hands on instruction.
  • Nationally Approved Credentials: a formal apprenticeship program has an accreditation behind it. This national credential allows the skills your apprentices learn to translate across state lines.

Florida Department of Education Apprenticeships

We partner with St. Petersburg College, Broward College and the State of Florida to help Florida businesses adopt formalized apprenticeship programs. These programs are not specific to industry, so you can create a program if you meet the specific requirements to building an apprenticeship. We act as the sponsor on behalf of organizations who wish to move towards a training program. We can also connect you with multiple other training grants such as:

What Grants are You Interested In?

Do you want to discuss grant opportunities with one of our grant specialists? We can answer all of your questions from when grant funding is allocated, the process of obtaining a grant reward and how we reimburse you fund. If you are interested in discussing the IWT/EWT grant, contact us today!