Corporate Certificate Programs

Corporate Certificate Programs for Florida Businesses

Learning Alliance offers corporate training certificates to employees for Florida businesses who utilize an Incumbent Worker Training grant. The below table identifies our programs, the category, certificate name, hours of instruction and the retail pricing. Accessing regional (local) and state training funds allows your company to offset the cost of training in any of the key areas we have listed below.

CategoryCertificate NameHoursRetail
Business SkillsStrategic Sourcing80 $2,495.00
Business SkillsIntro to Business Systems64 $1,995.00
Business SkillsBIS80 $2,995.00
LeanLean Level I40 $1,895.00
LeanLean Fund40 $1,895.00
LeanLean 5S80 $2,995.00
LeanOperations Management Specification64 $2,995.00
LeanInventory Audit Author80 $3,595.00
LeanLean Campion40 $2,595.00
LeanLean 5S Auditor40 $2,595.00
LeanLean Fundamentals40 $1,895.00
LeanLean Define & Measure40 $1,895.00
LeanLean Analyse & Control40 $2,995.00
LeanLean Quality Improvement40 $2,495.00
LeanLean Yellow Belt40 $2,995.00
LeanLean Green Belt120 $3,995.00
LeanSupply Chain80 $3,595.00
LeanStrategist Procurement Analysis64 $2,495.00
Project ManagementProject Management Specialist64 $2,495.00
LeanLean Services Secialist64 $1,995.00
Business SkillsBusiness Administration40 $2,495.00
Business SkillsBusiness Information Systems40 $2,495.00
Business SkillsAdvanced Business Inforamtion Systems64 $2,995.00
Project ManagementAgile Planning & Scheduling64 $2,995.00
Project ManagementAgile Monitoring & Contro64 $2,995.00
Project ManagementProject Management Planning and Scheduling64 $3,495.00
Project ManagementProject Management Monitoring and Controlling80 $3,495.00
Project ManagementAgile Project Management40 $2,495.00
Project ManagementAgile Project Frameworks80 $3,495.00
Project ManagementAgile Project Management64 $2,995.00
Information TechnologyAutomation Development Fundamentals64 $2,995.00
Information TechnologyDevelopment Data Architecture120 $3,495.00
Project ManagementSCRUM DevOps120 $3,495.00
Project ManagementSCRUM Lifecycle64 $3,995.00
Information TechnologyMoodle Mobile Application Reporting64 $3,995.00
Information TechnologyMoodle Single Sign-on Management64 $3,995.00
Information TechnologyMoodle Single Sign-on Management II64 $3,995.00
Information TechnologyMoodle Development Systems80 $2,495.00
Business SkillsHR Management40 $1,895.00
LeanLogistic Controls80 $3,995.00
LeanQuality Auditor64 $3,495.00
LeanQuality Improvement System40 $2,595.00
Business SkillsHealthcare Support Services80 $2,495.00
Business SkillsHealthcare Administration64 $1,695.00
Business SkillsHealthcare Customer Service80 $2,495.00
Business SkillsFront Line Management40-64$2,995.00
Business SkillsPrincipals of Marketing80 $2,795.00
Business SkillsTrain the Trainer I80 $2,795.00
Business SkillsTrain the Trainer II40-64$2,995.00
TradeTransmission Repair80$3,495.00
TradeTransaxle Repair80$3,495.00
TradeElectrical Diagnosis80$2,995.00
TradeElectronic Diagnosis80$2,995.00

What Grants are You Interested In?

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