Grant Compliance Services

Grant Compliance Services for Learning Alliance’s Workforce Development division helps businesses in the state of Florida and nationally (TIRAP) to help bridge the gap between the business and grant funding. We specialize in several different grants for compliance:

What Grant Compliance is Needed?

Each program benefits your business in different ways, but they require a certain level of compliance to maintain and obtain the funding. We have been involved in over 300 grants with a multitude of businesses and compliance needs remain difficult each grant iteration.

We provide compliance services wrapped up in your grant funding so that you can worry less about the compliance and worry more about the outcomes of your specific program. Here are some compliance requirements that we have ran into in our many years of grant management:

  • Maintaining records in a fireproof and secure location for 5-7 years (depends on grant requirements)
  • Record audits from the Department of Labor, Department of Education or other sponsoring body of the grant program
  • Tracking and monitoring training for your employees
  • Maintaining up to date information with the sponsoring body so when things change in compliance, you can change as soon as possible in response
  • Obtaining information about new grant funding as soon as possible
  • Obtaining information about new grant initiatives as soon as possible

Compliance varies from grant to grant, but you will find that storage and audits are a regular part of the process. We maintain your records in a secure facility for the stated amount of time which allows us to help you during audits. Here is the grant life cycle which requires application resubmission that we can assist with as well:


Grant Compliance ProcessWe have helped numerous companies obtain grant funding while also providing these compliance services to create less barrier between those businesses and funding. If you are interested, you can see our current partnerships here: Learning Alliance Corporation Partnerships.

What Grants are You Interested In?

Do you want to discuss grant opportunities with one of our grant specialists? We can answer all of your questions from when grant funding is allocated, the process of obtaining a grant reward and how we reimburse you. If you are interested in discussing the IWT/EWT grant, contact us today!