LAC Awarded Two Florida DoE Grants to Support Apprenticeship Program Growth and Expansion

Tampa, Florida — July 27, 2021 — Learning Alliance Corporation (LAC) was awarded two mini grants designed to support apprenticeship program growth and expansion by the Florida Department of Education. The Florida Department of Education announced nearly $600,000 in funding has been awarded to Registered Apprenticeship Programs (RAPs) in Florida through a partnership with the Florida Association for Career and Technical Education and CareerSource Florida. 

This first grant award will be used for program development throughout the telecommunications, information technology, manufacturing, and renewable energy industries. Learning Alliance customizes curriculum and provides electronic on the job competency completion tracking for each participating employer based on their needs. The curriculum and training are aligned with industry standards and certifications necessary to meet demands of the evolving workforce. Learning Alliance will further utilize the funds in a partnership with nonprofit Workforce Evolved, to increase outreach for underrepresented populations in order to give them access to high-skill high wage occupations, which in turn benefits communities as a whole.  

The second grant award will be utilized to support apprentices employed with TriOrb Solutions, an information technology and electronic security company based out of St Petersburg, Florida. The funds will be providing apprentices laptops, tools, and safety equipment for daily use.  

The apprenticeship programs are run through the Learning Alliance School of Continuing Education, (LASCE). LASCE provides customized training and workforce development solutions for employers nationwide. Learning Alliance Corporation also runs pre apprenticeship programs in telecommunications that help build the talent pipeline by providing skilled workers with industry certifications and training to transition directly into an apprenticeship program or new career.  

“As a Registered Apprenticeship Program sponsor, we alleviate the cost and administrative burden from employers. We have many excited participants eager to start our new apprenticeship programs, which we are expanding rapidly at both the state and national levels. This funding will allow us to formalize training and improve retention with our employer partners while empowering the apprentices and mentors involved in the programs.”  Amy Lesniak, Director of Continuing Education of LASCE 

About TriOrb 
Established in 2012, TriOrb Solutions is a Technology Solutions company that provides diversified technical, professional, and managed services to meet the business, operational, education, and training needs of Federal Government, public, and private sector customers. Leveraging new or existing technology to increase productivity, enhance services, improve overall efficiency and effectiveness of operations. 

Learning Alliance School of Continuing Education (LASCE) is a division of learning Alliance Corporation that provides diversified and customized workforce training solutions. From project management training to innovative learning management systems, LASCE has the ability to enhance the workforce and culture of companies in many different industries. Many of these workforce solutions are available at no out of pocket cost to the employer. LASCE currently runs two state registered apprenticeship programs in the IT sector and is rapidly expanding apprenticeship at both the state and national level in occupations such as telecommunications and wind technology. Learn more at 

About Learning Alliance Corporation
Learning Alliance Corporation partners with businesses, colleges, and universities to bring U.S. Veterans and civilians stronger training initiatives that equate to solid career growth. By partnering with employers nationwide, Learning Alliance Corporation has created workshops, labs and simulation programs that align the theoretical concepts into real world application learning. This adaptable approach creates learning solutions based on the community specific goals, industry, staff skill level, and corporate culture. Learning Alliance Corporation provides quality instructors, who are highly trained and specialize in the areas they teach. Learn more at 

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