Executive Department

  • Office of the President
    • Cesar Ruiz is the Chief Executive Officer of Learning Alliance. With more than 20 years of experience managing educational grants, initiatives, and workforce development, he oversees the mission and vision of Learning Alliance.
  • Office of Operations
    • Fred Arnold is the Director of Operations of Learning Alliance who oversees the execution of functional departmental components to the organization.

Administration Department

  • Shari Jester is the Director of Administration and manages the administrative functions to the organization. This includes facilities, finance, and human resources.

Marketing Department

  • Neil Marr is the Director of Marketing and manages the marketing functions to the organization. This includes public relations, digital media, content development, and brand presence across all functional marketing materials.

Training and Academics Department

  • Derrick Francis is the Director of Training and Academics and manages the training components to the organization. This includes curriculum development, management of programs and instructors, and the execution of new programs through committees.