Learning Alliance Corporation received certification from The National Minority Supplier Development Council

Tampa, Florida — April 3, 2021 — Learning Alliance Corporation (LAC), a Tampa, Florida-based telecommunications trade school, is proud to announce that its parent company Knowledge Quest Education Solutions, Inc. has been certified by the Florida State Minority Supplier Development Council as a Minority Business Enterprise (MBE) as defined and recognized by the National Minority Supplier Development Council Inc® (NMSDC).

The National Minority Supplier Development Council is one of the country’s leading corporate membership organizations. Their primary goal is to advance business opportunities for certified minority business enterprises and connect them to corporate members and each other. The NMSDC and its Network members endeavor to support MBEs by facilitating their integration into corporate and public-sector supply chains and by helping to build MBE capacity and capabilities through support programs and educational offerings.

Excited about the prospects of NSMCD membership, Cesar Ruiz, CEO/Owner of LAC, said, “We are very excited to become MBE certified by the National Minority Supplier Development Council. Through this certification, we plan to learn about the MBE capabilities, programs and education to support the Network Build Companies within the industries we serve.”

LAC looks forward to leveraging the benefits that comes with MBE certification. MBEs have access to customized webinars, nation-wide and state-wide business referral networks, various loan and bonding programs, as well as many dedicated networking events.

About Learning Alliance Corporation

Learning Alliance Corporation partners with businesses, colleges, and universities to bring US Veterans and civilians stronger training initiatives that equate to solid career growth. By partnering with employers nationwide, Learning Alliance Corporation has created workshops, labs and simulation programs that align the theoretical concepts into real world application learning. This adaptable approach creates learning solutions based on the community specific goals, industry, staff skill level, and corporate culture. Learning Alliance Corporation provides quality instructors, who are highly trained and specialize in the areas they teach. Learn more at https://www.mylearningalliance.com/ .

About the NSMDC

The National Minority Supplier Development Council is one of the leading organizations for the development of minority businesses in the United States. The NSMDC helps to develop minority owned businesses by assisting opportunities between its certified MBEs and its network of Corporate Members.  Based out of New York, the NSMDC has 23 affiliate regional councils, five international partner organizations and the Business Consortium Fund (BCF) as its funding arm.  Learn more at https://nmsdc.org/ .

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