Learning Alliance Expands Training To The West Coast

For Immediate Release 2/13/24 – Learning Alliance Newsroom

Learning Alliance Corporation (LAC), a leader in vocational training and development, proudly announces a strategic partnership with Legacy Telecommunications, an Ontivity company, to extend its training capabilities to the West Coast. This collaboration marks a significant step in LAC’s mission to provide comprehensive and accessible vocational training across the United States.

Under this partnership, Learning Alliance Corporation will leverage Legacy Telecommunications’ state-of-the-art facilities and resources on the West Coast to offer its cutting-edge training programs. These programs are designed to equip individuals with the skills and knowledge necessary to thrive in today’s dynamic job market, with a particular focus on the telecommunications sector.

“Collaborating with Legacy Telecommunications represents a milestone in our journey to broaden the reach of our training programs,” said Cesar Ruiz, CEO of Learning Alliance Corporation. “Legacy’s robust presence on the West Coast and their impeccable standards of operation make them the ideal partner for us. Together, we are committed to making vocational training more accessible and to preparing the workforce for the challenges and opportunities of the future.”

This partnership also signifies Learning Alliance Corporation’s dedication to addressing the skills gap in the telecommunications industry and other technical fields. By bringing high-quality training programs closer to individuals on the West Coast, LAC and Legacy Telecommunications are opening doors to new opportunities for career advancement and personal growth.

The collaboration between Learning Alliance Corporation and Legacy Telecommunications is set to launch in the coming months, with enrollment information and program details to be announced on both companies’ websites.

Check out the event here: https://vimeo.com/912594938 

About Learning Alliance
Learning Alliance Corporation partners with businesses, colleges, and universities to bring U.S. Veterans and civilians stronger training initiatives that equate to solid career growth. By partnering with employers nationwide, Learning Alliance Corporation has created workshops, labs and simulation programs that align the theoretical concepts with real-world application learning. This adaptable approach creates learning solutions based on the community-specific goals, industry, staff skill level, and corporate culture. Learning Alliance Corporation provides quality instructors who are highly trained and specialize in the areas they teach. Learn more at https://www.mylearningalliance.com or contact Lymaris Pabellon at lpabellon@mylearningalliance.com

About Legacy Telecommunications

Legacy Telecommunications, an Ontivity company, is a leading provider of infrastructure services for the telecommunications industry. With a focus on quality, safety, and innovation, Legacy delivers comprehensive solutions that support the build-out and maintenance of critical telecommunications infrastructure. For more information, visit https://legacytowers.com/

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