Learning Alliance Graduates Complete New Broadband Wireless Digital Installer Program

For Immediate Release 5/23/2022 

Learning Alliance announces the launch of a two-week wireless integration program called Broadband Wireless Digital Installer (BWDI). This course covers the protocols, technical knowledge and techniques needed to work as a technician in the field.

Students will be introduced to wireless antenna systems at the small cell, distributed antenna system, and CBRS base level. There will be a focus on data center-based structured wiring that corresponds to the Edge Computing requirements that new 5G systems are implementing. Students will learn the difference between spectrum options, how that spectrum is allocated and what type of distributed systems work best with each segment of the spectrum.

“Our new wireless program aligns with the Department of Labor standard for Telecommunications Equipment Installers. Each student performs 112 hours of instruction in a pre-apprenticeship format to obtain skills required to be central office installers, DAS technicians, and in-building RF technicians,” said Fred Arnold, Executive Director of Learning Alliance.

Students will also be familiarized with the different aspects of these micro-cell sites, its components and how data is transmitted from antenna to base station to backhaul systems. They will see how fiber optic cabling has been introduced to antenna systems, known as fiber to the antenna, to create faster low-loss networks. They will also utilize wiring guides, schematics, and other required documents to build out wireless-based systems.

“We are excited to be offering this new program that will prepare students for several opportunities that use or operate with Ethernet and wireless devices, IT, Servers, Data Centers, Wireless Installations, Wire Harnesses, etc,” said Derrick Francis, Director of Education at LAC.

Upon completion of the program, students will be certified in Professional Installer and NCTI Wireless Installer, and then LAC’s diploma, which includes Dot Flagging, Bucket Truck, Small Cell, Lacing and Labeling, Lockout Tag Out, Schematics Reading, ect.

Learn more about the Broadband Wireless Digital Installer Program here.

Check out the Broadband Wireless Digital Installer Program set up in a Virtual 3D Walk-Through

Check out a BWDI class video.

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