Learning Alliance Partners with Dallas College for Telecommunications Exploration Event

For Immediate Release 4/26/24 – Learning Alliance Newsroom

In a significant move to bolster workforce development in the telecommunications sector, Learning Alliance Corporation (LAC) has partnered with Dallas College to host an innovative Telecommunications Exploration Event. Held at one of the Dallas College campuses, the event saw strategic collaborations with industry-leading vendors such as VIAVI Solutions and Sumitomo Electric and gathered support from notable industry figures including Deborah Kish from the Fiber Broadband Association.

This pioneering event aimed at shedding light on the many grant opportunities available to Texas-based telecommunications companies and underscored the extensive range of solutions offered by Learning Alliance, focusing on apprenticeship and learning management solutions designed to meet the growing needs of the telecom industry.

During this engaging event, attendees had the unique opportunity to hear from Deborah Kish, a leading voice in the Fiber Broadband Association, who spoke about workforce solutions that are essential for the growth and sustainability of the telecommunications sector. The insights provided emphasized the critical need for skilled professionals and the valuable role that structured apprenticeship programs play in building a competent workforce.

The event also featured a series of informative sessions led by representatives from VIAVI Solutions and Sumitomo Electric, who introduced the latest technological innovations and tools that are setting new standards in the telecommunications field. These sessions offered hands-on experiences and were instrumental in illustrating the practical aspects of the technology that attendees will encounter in the workforce.

A major highlight of the event was the discussion on the various grant opportunities now accessible to Texas telecom companies. These grants are aimed at encouraging businesses to adopt innovative training and apprenticeship programs that can significantly elevate their service offerings and operational efficiency.

Cesar Ruiz, CEO of Learning Alliance, expressed his enthusiasm about the partnership, stating, “Our collaboration with Dallas College for this Telecommunications Exploration Event marks a milestone in our commitment to advancing the telecom workforce. By bringing together key players and resources, we are setting the stage for a new era of skilled professionals who will drive the future of telecommunications.”

Dallas College also shared its vision for the event, with them remarking, “Partnering with Learning Alliance has provided a platform not only to inform but also to inspire our students and local companies about the vast opportunities in the telecom sector. This event has perfectly aligned with our mission to facilitate career readiness and innovation.”

Learning Alliance Corporation is dedicated to providing comprehensive apprenticeship and learning management solutions that address the needs of today’s dynamic job markets. By focusing on creating pathways for career development and embracing technological advancements, LAC continues to be at the forefront of educational innovations in the telecommunications industry.

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