Learning Alliance School of Continuing Education Launches New Programs

For Immediate Release 2/9/23 – Learning Alliance Newsroom

Learning Alliance School of Continuing Education (LASCE) announces the launch of the approved Line Erector and Solar Energy Technician Apprenticeship Programs.

“We can register a Company’s workforce immediately.  Once an employee becomes an Apprentice, the company is eligible to pay according to the wage determination discounted rate on Davis/Bacon Prevailing Wage Projects,” said Ruth Tirado, Director of Continued Education at LASCE.

The Apprenticeship Programs are registered nationally through the Department of Labor and the Florida Department of Education, which allows the use of the same curriculum with employees throughout the United States and culminating with recognized credentials.

“The programs were built with feedback from our industry partners and their needs. We identified a curriculum committee and apprenticeship committee that helps us organize and adapt to shifts in required training,” said Ruth.

The Line Erector program and the Solar Energy Technician program have a duration of three and two years respectively. Line Erectors install and maintain transmission and distribution power lines for electric utilities. These facilities include overhead and underground power cables, as well as substations, Distribution and Transmission Lines, transformers, and switchgear. On the other hand, Solar Energy Technicians assemble and install solar panels on roofs and other structures, and inspect electrical installation and wiring.

“LASCE understands business is conducted during the normal daytime hours, therefore, class hours must be flexible to accommodate Employers’ work schedules and those who seek to get further in their careers. Classes are available in the evenings, weekends, and at the individual’s convenience, online. LASCE ‘s Success Coaches work directly with the Apprentices and Employer’s qualified Mentors/Instructors to enhance their training,” said Ruth.

In addition to Registered Apprenticeship Programs, LASCE offers an online Learning/Apprenticeship Management System with a library of courses to benefit the workforce and leadership. Courses include but are not limited to Safety, Leadership/Management Education, and HR/Law awareness.

“With the Build Back Better plan, electrical utilities and Solar expansion are big areas of focus. Many prevailing wage projects are coming down the line, and it will be important for organizations to embed apprenticeship programs as a part of their methodology to help facilitate learning on the job and structured wage progression,” said Cesar Ruiz, President and CEO of Learning Alliance.

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Learning Alliance School of Continuing Education is an equal-opportunity Education and Training Provider. LASCE works with organizations to explore grant opportunities to offset the training cost.

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