Legacy Wireless Joins the NextTech Diversity Program

For Immediate Release 11/14/23 – Learning Alliance Newsroom

Legacy Wireless Services, Inc., a leading wireless service, and tower construction company in the Western United States, proudly announces its participation in the NextTech Diversity Program. This collaboration marks a significant step in Legacy Wireless’ commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion in the telecommunications industry.

Since its founding in 2000, Legacy Wireless Services has established itself as the largest privately held company in its sector in the West, offering a comprehensive range of services to the wireless communication industry. With facilities in Portland, OR, Sacramento, CA, and Phoenix, AZ, and extensive experience in all disciplines of this highly specialized field, Legacy Wireless is ideally positioned to contribute significantly to the NextTech Diversity Program.

The NextTech Diversity Program, pioneered by T-Mobile, is a groundbreaking initiative aimed at kick-starting the careers of hundreds of women and men of color in the telecommunications sector. This program offers a mix of investment, outreach, professional training, certification, licensing, and job placement services. It is especially timely as America prepares for a major upgrade to 5G technology, which will create over 20,000 jobs for network technicians, tower crews, and licensed drivers.

Legacy Wireless’ participation in the NextTech Diversity Program involves:

  • Supporting Professional Training and Certification: Legacy Wireless will contribute to the training and certification of eligible candidates, ensuring they are fully prepared for the demands of the telecommunications industry.
  • Providing Job Placement Opportunities: As part of the program, Legacy Wireless commits to offering job placements to graduates, facilitating their entry into the industry, and supporting their career growth.
  • Extended Support for New Employees: Beyond initial placement, Legacy Wireless will offer career counseling and support for these candidates, covering aspects from career development to financial management.

This partnership reflects Legacy Wireless’ dedication to building a more diverse, equitable, and inclusive workforce, aligning with the company’s core values and its long-standing commitment to excellence in the wireless services sector. By joining the NextTech Diversity Program, Legacy Wireless is not only investing in the future of telecommunications but also in the people who will drive its progress.


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About Legacy Wireless
Legacy Wireless Services was formed with the premise that a quality, turnkey company could exist without having to experience volatility on a regular basis. Kelly Kramer, President, and James Kramer, Secretary, the founders of Legacy, have twenty-five years of experience at a variety of engineering, consulting, and wireless construction companies. In they’re previous work experiences good work situations were derailed due to bad corporate decisions, improperly managed growth, or company acquisitions. These cases of volatility interrupted services to clients, and in most cases caused employees to seek employment stability elsewhere. Learn more at https://legacy-wireless.com/

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