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The Power of NextTech Diversity

The focus of the NextTech Diversity Program is providing funding, career training, and permanent job placement for hundreds of women and men of color to take on roles, through partnerships with Learning Alliance Corporation, as 5G network technicians, and New Reflections Technical Institute, as 5G network equipment drivers.

With initial seed funding from T-Mobile and additional funding committed from other industry partners, their goal is to create long-term telecom careers where training provides job opportunities for underrepresented individuals.

America’s wireless networks and customers are ready for a massive dose of 5G. There are more than 20,000 jobs for new network technicians, tower crews, and commercially licensed drivers to transport and build the needed infrastructure.

Today, women and men of color make up a small percentage of all these jobs. The NextTech Diversity Program commits to making a significant impact in three important ways:

  • Graduating, certifying and/or training all eligible candidates in the program.
  • Guaranteed job placement services for all eligible candidates after graduating with certifications and/or a commercial driver’s license.
  • Supporting candidates for 12 months after job placement with career counseling, ranging from career development to financial management.

Learning Alliance Partners with Ontivity to Upskill Tower and Fiber Technicians, Expanding Fiber Training to West Coast

Ontivity, a leading provider of workforce solutions for the telecommunications industry, is partnering with Learning Alliance, an educational institution specializing in technical training, to address the growing demand for qualified tower and fiber technicians. This collaboration will expand Learning Alliance’s training reach to the West Coast, starting with a program located just outside of Seattle.

With the rapid advancement of technology and the increasing reliance on high-speed internet, the telecommunications industry faces a critical shortage of skilled technicians. The demand for fiber optic technicians, in particular, is expected to skyrocket in the coming years. To address this gap, Ontivity and Learning Alliance are joining forces to offer comprehensive training programs that equip individuals with the necessary skills to excel in this field.

The partnership will leverage Learning Alliance’s proven track record of providing high-quality, industry-aligned training. Ontivity will bring its extensive expertise in workforce development, recruitment, and placement services to the table. This combined effort will ensure that participants in the program gain the knowledge and practical experience they need to secure rewarding careers in the telecommunications industry.

The first West Coast program, located just outside Seattle, Washington, will focus on training the next generation of fiber optic technicians. This strategic location places the program close to T-Mobile’s headquarters, ensuring access to a large potential pool of candidates and aligning with the company’s NextTech Diversity Program goals. Additionally, the program will provide participants with valuable hands-on experience through internships and job placement opportunities.


NextTech Diversity: Changing Lives

In their own words…

NextTech Program History

Joyce Christanio

Senior Program Manager for Supplier Diversity at T-Mobile

Joyce Christanio often speaks of purpose. The work she is involved with has a meaningful purpose, and the responsibility that comes with it isn’t lost on her.

“Our procurement team is determined to provide leadership when it comes to diversity, equity, and inclusion,” says Joyce. “We’re setting new standards for the wireless industry and beyond, and changing the way companies recruit talent is a huge part of that.”

NextTech is a universal program that all companies can join – One United Front – Everyone needs a 5G connection.

Cesar Ruiz

President & CEO of Learning Alliance Corporation

Ruiz is a firm believer that access to middle-class wages can be achieved if students are provided training that mimics the daily world-of-work, and where the cost-benefit is clear to students.

Out of this belief, Ruiz created the NextTech Diversity Program with T-Mobile to provide scholarships to low-income students and is proud of the 146 students that have graduated debt-free and are currently working as apprentices and earning a middle-income salary.

In Partnership With

Learning Alliance Corporation

With nearly $1 million in seed funding, Learning Alliance Corporation will oversee recruitment, training, certification, and job placements—and the cost of the candidates’ schooling is completely covered through NextTech. The Learning Alliance partners with small, medium, and large tower companies across the United States.

New Reflections Institute

New Reflections Technical Institute began as an entrepreneurship, business, and socialization program focused on youth in the Greater Kansas City area. Now, NRTI offers training and education, including a Commercial Driver’s License Class A training, in addition to courses like Bookkeeping & Accounting, Computer User Support, Secretaries & Administrative Assistants, Carpentry Fundamentals, and Call Center Representative.

NextTech Telecom Statistics

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Job Opportunities in Telecom

Tower Technician

Build, maintain and outfit macro-cell tower site with all required antennas and  coaxial/fiber optic cables that produce wireless signal in a broad area of coverage.

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Wireless Infrastructure Tech

Fiber Technician

Construct outside fiber plant related infrastructure through the use of industry related tools like OTDRs, microscopes, and fusion splicers that provide the ability to connect fiber into vaults and enclosures.

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Tower Technician

Wireless Technician

Install and provide maintenance to varying wireless technologies such as distributed antenna systems, in-building wireless, WiFi and micro-cell/small cell options that distribute 5G speeds.

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Fiber Optic Splicer

Job Growth, Requirements and Technical Standards

Tower Technician

Nationwide Average Salary - $62,500
Seattle Average Salary - $67,303
# of Jobs Mean hourly wage Mean annual wage
15,310 $30.05 $62,500

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Fiber Technician

Mean Average Salary - $62,250
Seattle Average Salary - $63,532
# of Jobs Mean hourly wage Mean annual wage
101,530 $29.93 $62,250

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Wireless Technician

Median Average Salary - $60,370
Seattle Average Salary - $63,152
Job Growth Median hourly wage Median annual wage
8% Job Growth $29.02 $60,370

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Telecommunications Foreman and Managers

2021 Median Pay - $98,890
Employment Median hourly wage Median annual wage
8% Job Growth $47.55 $98,890

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Telecommunications Project Manager

Median Average Salary - $95,500
Employment Median hourly wage Median annual wage
7% Job Growth $45.43 $94,500

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Telecommunications Safety Manager

Median Average Salary - $74,870
Employment Median hourly wage Median annual wage
5% Job Growth $36.00 $74,870

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Tower Climbing Fundamentals

  • Authorized Climber (Competent Climber – Safety LMS)
  • Authorized Rescue (Competent Rescue – Safety LMS)
  • Basic Rigging/Capstan/Hoist
  • Material Handling, Loading and DOT Standards
  • Installation on Multiple Structures
  • Small Cell/5g

Hazard Assessment and Safety

  • OSHA 10
  • Personnel Protective Equipment
  • CPR/First Aid/Blood Borne Pathogen
  • RF/EME Hazards and Meter
  • Jobsite Hazard Analysis
  • Statement of Work
  • Introduction to Standards

Telecommunications Fundamentals

  • Basic Rigging/Capstan/Hoist
  • Material Handling and Operation of Vehicles (DOT Standards)
  • Installation on Multiple Structures
  • Small Cell/5G Equipment
  • Computer Literacy and Soft Skills

Fiber Optics

  • Overview of fiber optic applications & installations communications systems utilizing fiber optics
  • FTTx Workshop
  • Antenna Types
  • Field experience installing and testing fiber optic networks

Industry knowledge

  • Telecommunications Fundamentals
  • Digital Communications & Internet Protocol
  • Introduction to Wireless Communications
  • Introduction to Microwave & Radio Transmission Systems
  • DAS Fundamentals

Structured wiring

  • Structured wiring
  • Cable theory
  • Commercial and Residential Installation
  • Ladder safety and handling
  • Bucket truck operation and safety

Installation on multiple structures

  • Identification of Structures & their Unique Challenges
  • Mitigating Risks Posed by Structures
  • Rigging Challenges for Each Structure
  • Proper Installation of Antenna/Small Cell on Various Structures
  • Rooftop Deployment & Small Cell

Technical Skills

  • Equipment/System Installation
  • Testing, Troubleshooting & Maintenance/Repair
  • Job Site Management & Security
  • Job Site Process & Operations

Operate Hand & Power Tools

  • Types of Hand & Power Tools
  • Identification of Accessories
  • Proper Handling Techniques of tools
  • Safe usage of power tools

To participate in any hands-on training program at Learning Alliance Corporation, each student, with or without reasonable accommodations, must safely and effectively meet the following technical standards in addition to academic standards. We provide virtual walk throughs for prospective students to view prior to enrollment so that you may assess the technical standards in reference with our facility layout.


  1. Facility Walk Through: 
    1. Hands on Training Space #1: View Now
    2. Hands on Training Space #2: View Now
    3. Hand on Class Room: View Now
    4. LAC Dorms: View Now
    5. Video Walkthrough: View Now
  2. Use of Senses: Prospective and current students must:
    • Possess sufficient visual acuity to identify, read, and understand directions and gauges on equipment and other documents required in the installation of all aspects of wireless cell site foundations.
    • Be able to hear sounds and warning signals in a training facility or cell tower location with high ambient noise levels, which could lead to an emergency situation requiring some type of proactive or reactive response.
    • Be able to feel vibrations or unusual shaking indicating that a possible danger exists in the installation or maintenance of all aspects of wireless cell site foundations.
    • Be able to detect smells that may indicate a possible danger involved in the installation or maintenance of all aspects of wireless cell site foundations.
  3. Motor: Prospective and current students must be able to execute physical movements needed to install and maintain wireless cell site foundations, including but not limited to:
    • Being able to install equipment.
    • Being able to operate aerial lifts, man lifts, skid steers and aerial platform equipment.
    • Being able to climb and perform work at various heights, up to 400 feet, for long periods of time.
    • Being in good physical condition with the ability to stoop, crawl, bend at the knees and waist, squat and lift fifty pounds; includes body weight, equipment, tools and boxes.
    • Being able to pull his/her own body weight plus equipment weight up a vertical tower repeatedly for long periods of time.
  4. Intellectual and Cognitive: Prospective and current students must:
    • Comprehend the need for a safe working and training environment.
    • Exhibit a practical awareness of potential dangers of installing wireless cell site foundations.
    • Be able to maintain a safe environment at all times.
    • Be able to work in a fast-paced environment without jeopardizing safety.
    • Be able to react and adjust as coached by the instructor(s) during instruction.
    • Be able to troubleshoot and correct mechanical or electrical connections.
    • Be able to motivate, lead, teach and train on proper work and safety procedures.
  5. Communication: Prospective and current students must:
    • Communicate effectively, both orally and in writing, in academic and instructional settings to gather and convey information.
    • Be able to read, comprehend, and carry out instructions.
  6. Behavioral and Social Attributes: Prospective and current students must:
    • Maintain composure and professionalism at all times, including in the classroom and while training.
    • Effectively handle stress and continue to function safely in a variety of situations and interactions.

In addition to the above standards, prospective and current students must meet all state and federal regulation standards governing installation of all aspects of wireless cell site foundations.

Inclusion statement

Learning Alliance Corporation (“LAC”) does not discriminate against qualified individuals with disabilities who apply for admission to, or who are enrolled in any of its programs. Otherwise qualified individuals shall not be excluded from admission or participation in its programs and activities solely by reason of their disability or medical condition. LAC is committed to providing reasonable accommodations to qualified students with properly documented disabilities who meet the minimum program requirements. A reasonable accommodation is one that does not require a fundamental alteration in the nature of the program or lower academic standards.

Should a current or prospective student have or develop a disability that poses a risk to the health and safety of the student or others that cannot be eliminated with a reasonable accommodation, the person may be denied admission to, or removed from the program.

Commonly Asked Questions

Who pays for my training tuition?

Learning Alliance accepts GI Funding, but also works with third party financing partners like Stide and Paramount Capital. If you qualify for the NextTech Diversity program, it can provide funding towards your training. Learn more about Financial Assistance here.

Do I get paid a wage during the training?

Unfortanely not at this time. It is non-paid unless you are part of an Apprenticeship Program.

What costs does this program cover for me? (travel/meals/lodging/transportation/tuition) 

You will only be responsable for the tuition of the program (prices vary). Travel, meals, logding and transportation are all covered by Learning Alliance Corporation. Learn about the various program tuitions here.

How do I get hired?

 We partner with around 1,000 companies nationally. Our placement team aligns them to multiple employers for interviews and they select which company they prefer. Companies do provide tuition reimbursement, funding programs, and apprenticeships. In these scenarios, you will be going to the employer who sponsored the specific program. See some of our partners here.

General About Information

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Program Description: The program focuses on the understanding and applying of new techniques in electronic technology for the aim of testing, maintaining, repairing, and upgrading digital as well as analog communication systems. The program also covers fundamentals of digital communications, its applications and how information technology converges create robust synchronous telecommunications systems. The program is designed to be an integrated educational curriculum taught using an applied, and theoretical approach. With the expansion of 5G wireless and 10G broadband, it is important to learn the fundamentals of digital communications, its applications and how information technology converges to create robust synchronous telecommunications systems. This program is specifically designed to guide the student in learning modern day communication system design and its correlating infrastructure. The topics also include wired, wireless, and point to point technologies that create mesh networks which enable instantaneous communication between two or more individuals.