Paramount Capital Group

Students looking to attend LAC have many financial options to help assist with their tuition costs, including LAC’s partner Paramount Capital group.

(in addition to terms and conditions detailed in the Master Agreement that can be provided by Paramount Capital Group)

Each borrower must be age 18 or above and eligible for employment in the United States. Installment contracts which are alleged to be a forgery will be returned to the Seller. Seller is not permitted to list the same individual on multiple applications. Fraudulent documents will be returned immediately to the Seller for repurchase. E.g. John Doe cannot apply for financing if he is a co-applicant for Jane Doe on her application.


  • Contracts should not be submitted for funding more than 1 week prior to the date the student begins school.
  • Proof of graduation must be sent to Paramount once available. If a student does not graduate for any reason, please notify Paramount immediately.
  • In the event that a student withdraws and a refund is due, the school must notify Paramount to adjust the amount financed accordingly. Paramount will provide a standard contract amendment for the student to sign acknowledging the adjustment.
  • Contract packages, whether sent via mail or electronically, must be received by 12:00pm EST the day prior to funding to be eligible for the next day’s funding.
  • Funds are disbursed for the purchase of installment contracts each Tuesday and Thursday via ACH direct deposit. Requests for wires may be granted, but Seller will be obligated to bear the cost of the transaction fee.
  • All installment payments must originate from the borrower or co-borrower, or from an employer on behalf of the borrower. Payments made by the Seller will not reduce the stated recourse to the Seller.
  • Funds will not be remitted if the account is 10 or more days past due.
  • The amount financed on the retail installment contract must reflect the total tuition stated on the signed enrollment agreement. Funding will be delayed if these amounts do not agree.

For any further questions contact LAC at +1 813-261-6018.