School Operations

Faculty and Staff

President Cesar Ruiz

(813) 261‐6018

Director of Operations – Fred Arnold

(813) 261‐6018

Director of Human Resources – Kristina Amberg 

(813) 359-0452

Program Manager 

BDI- Salvador Hernandez

(815) 354‐3355

BWDI/BFDI- Grant Gordon

(727) 318-3630

Accounts Payable/Receivable – Shari Jester

(813) 802‐4558


  • Pete Matassa: MBA in Management from University of South Florida, Tampa, Florida and BA in Management from University of South Florida, Tampa.
  • Gabriel Yeager, MA: Masters in Administration with a focus in Instructional Design. 5 years of adjunct faculty experience teaching computer literacy.
  • Derrick Francis: Certificate in Renewable Energy/Telecommunication Technician Airstreams Renewables Inc., Fort Riley, KS, Rappelling Rapple Master Course, Fort Campbell KY, Rappelling and Rigging Air Assault School, Fort Campbell KY
  • Michael Prayon: MBA in Business from Brenau University, Gainesville, Georgia, BSIT in Info Tech Phoenix University, Phoenix, Arizona, AA in General Studies Cochise College, Sierra Vista, Arizona, and AS in Science Cochise College, Sierra Vista, Arizona
  • Dr. Donald Brechtel: DBA in Management Science from Florida State University, MS in Logistics Management Procurement from Air Force Institute of Technology, BS in Production Management from California State University, and AA in Business Management from Allan Hancock Junior College.
  • Nicholas Goelz: Certificate in OSHA Training for Construction Industry & Open Water instructor certificate from SEA Experience in Fort Lauderdale, FL


School Location and Operation Schedule

Business Address

Learning Alliance Corporation 5910

Breckenridge Parkway, Suite A

Tampa, Florida 33610

Operating Hours

Office Hours – Mon ‐ Fri 8:30am to 4:30pm

Class Hours* – Mon ‐ Saturday 7am – 10pm

* Class Schedules ‐ 10 Minute breaks every 2 hrs.

Morning Session: 7am – 11am

Afternoon Session: 12pm – 5pm

Evening Session: 6pm – 10pm

Observed School Holidays

Independence Day – July 5th

Labor Day – Sept. 6th

Thanksgiving – Nov. 22-26

Christmas and New Year’s – Dec. 24-Jan. 3rd

Memorial Day – May 31

Enrollment Periods

January – June 2021

August ‐ December 2021


Grading Policies

Students will receive a grade based on the class requirements. Some classes have industry exams that correspond to receiving a specific industry certification. These industry grades are not considered in the student’s grade. A Diploma is awarded for completing the required class hours and materials and when receiving an average course grade of 70% or higher.

S Satisfactory 70% – 100% Course Average Grade

I Incomplete 50% – 69% Course Average Grade

U Unsatisfactory 40% – 49% Course Average Grade

W Withdrawal 0% – 60% Attendance and or 0% – 39% Course Average Grade

Reporting Progress Students are given Monthly and Final academic reports

The temporary grade of I (incomplete) is a conditional and temporary grade given when students (a) are currently passing a course or (b) still have a reasonable chance of passing in the judgment of the instructor, but for non-academic reasons beyond their control have not completed a relatively small part of all requirements. Students will have 2 weeks to complete these requirements and receive a satisfactory (S) grade. Failure to complete the missed work will result in an unsatisfactory (U) final grade. Any student receiving an incomplete (I) that results in an unsatisfactory (U) final grade will also have the option to attend the class again within 12 months of the unsatisfactory (U) grade being issued, to make up the class and receive a satisfactory (S) grade at no additional charge.