Safety Equipment Initiative

Learning Alliance  has partnered with GME & GEARCOR to supply our graduates credit toward their gear. Safety has been the number one concern in the industry, this ongoing partnership will provide partial reimbursement to all graduates hired from Learning Alliance.

How It Works.

When an employer hires a graduate at the end of each month Learning Alliance will identify the number of candidates hired at your facility. A copy of the suppliers invoice is required to demonstrate proof of the acquired safety gear.

Reimbursements are paid in $650, $975 or $1300 increments per graduate (Hired). Reimbursement occurs within 30 days of purchase.

1-25 Students

50% funding up to $650 per veteran

26-49 Students

75% funding up to $975 per veteran

50 + Students

100% funding up to $1300 per veteran

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any fees associated with your placement of graduates?

No, there are no fees. Our goal is to align graduates with employers in the industry to bridge the workforce shortage.

How is your program different from other veteran programs in the industry?

LAC has an adaptive curriculum model and due to our relationship with employers, we update on a quarterly basis. As a result, we represent an 84.1% retention rate in 2020. As of December of 2020, our program has now been modified to prepare candidates for the NWSA TT1 certification.

If an employer participates in the safety equipment initiative, how long do we have to keep the graduate?

There is no time commitment. If the candidate is not a good fit, the employer will not have any financial commitments or liabilities. A graduate must be within 30 days of their date of graduation to qualify.

How do we work with Learning Alliance on our hiring needs?

How do we work with learning alliance on our hiring needs?

What safety gear is covered by the safety equipment initiative?

The grant authorized for employers to customize a universal safety kit based on their unique needs. The universal kit allows for employers to use any harness and safety equipment that relates to their internal standards.