The LAC Mission

Our Mission

Learning Alliance aims to provide high-skill, high-wage job growth opportunities through diversity, equity, and inclusion. By exchanging ideas through community partnerships with colleges, universities, businesses, and associations, we aim to tackle workforce development initiatives that provide equity enhancement and collaboration. These initiatives help us provide high quality education, hands-on training, and certification that allows us to shape the futures of our students.

Our Vision

The Vision of Learning Alliance Corporation is to cultivate a learning environment that serves the people and organizations of our community. We pride ourselves in applying the vision and goals of our employers and communities to ensure that we fulfill the learning needs of the professional workforce of today and tomorrow.

Our Goals:

  • Provide educational opportunities to underserved and underrepresented populations to help them obtain high-skill, high-wage jobs
  • Collaborate and exchange ideas through partnerships and committees that help foster strong hands-on programs that emulate a real working environment
  • Strive to be advocates for the future of every student while providing the highest quality of services to those we support
  • Identify opportunities for employers to develop their workforce and enhance company culture by providing resources, education and training
  • We aim to connect with students by sharing the voice and our vision in a transparent way that promotes success
  • Providing support and training through the timely execution of reliable and efficient systems that aid students, faculty, and staff
  • Supporting students, faculty, and staff by ensuring that there is an inclusive environment through attention to facility detail, collaborating on student feedback, and building a facility around motivation and success

Our Educational Principles

  • We are a full-service educational provider.
  • We strive to exceed customer expectations.
  • We are committed to providing quality educational solutions.
  • We are accountable to the people we serve.