No Cost LMS Implementation

If you are interested in obtaining a Florida grant for a no cost LMS implementation, we can help you! First things first, is a learning management system right for your business? Are you looking to accomplish these goals:

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Steps to Implementation

With any new system, understanding your organization structure and the needs of your stakeholders is of paramount importance. Outlining these helps determine your goals and the structure of your Learning Management System. It also determines the scope of your project and how to incorporate it into your company culture.

First, who are your stakeholders? That is, who is involved with production, use and operation of the LMS?

  • Do you have employees who require annual training that needs to be tracked through individualized learning plans that help you determine skill level?
  • Do you require managing the performance of your employees so that you can identify employee growth within your organization?
  • Do you have managers and supervisors who put time and effort into tracking employee skillsets that might benefit from online reporting dashboards? These dashboards give them a snapshot into their employee population, making it easy to pinpoint employee progression and compliance
  • Do you have human resource/safety personnel that need to maintain compliance on all the annual training your company requires? Reporting within an LMS will streamline this process
  • Are you attempting to build organizational structure within your training programs so you can create hierarchal structure?
  • Do you need to develop, track and update industry specific training that you develop in-house without worry about version control? LMS solutions help in updating your training material, certifications and courses
  • Are you looking to streamline your human resource systems (HRM, Payroll, etc.) with integrations that help improve business productivity?

If you answered yes to some of these questions, a Learning Management Solution could be a perfect fit for your business!

Next, once you decide your organization may benefit from an LMS, you will need to bring a plan of action to the table. Your senior management will expect several things, such as:

  • A project timeline
  • How will it be incorporated into the company culture?
  • What resources will be required during implementation?
  • What is the overall cost? It is free! This is the greatest aspect of our grant funded initiatives. Your cost will be covered which gives you leverage. The only caveat is that grant compliance requires annual paperwork, so you will need to define your resource allocation appropriately
  • How will the LMS help training within the organization?
  • What will be the desired outcomes?
  • How will you achieve those outcomes after the LMS implementation?

Depending on your management, there may be more, but the key point here is to always research and define your organization’s goals before addressing the project with senior management. We can help you determine portions of your plan including timelines, resources and consulting.

Everything starts with a grant! The Incumbent Worker Training grant initiative in Florida helps businesses offset the costs of training and development within their organizations.

Learning Alliance Corporation’s grant writing services, which include filing and compliance, are all at no cost to your business. Once the grant is filed to your local region or the State, we wait for approval and grant award, then you have access to the funds allocated for your project.

Here is a quick break down of the entire grant process:

  • Identify the scope and requirement of your project
  • Obtain executive buy in
  • Write the grant
  • Grant Funds get awarded
  • Fulfillment of LMS Implementation services
  • Reimbursement of funds based on contracted rate
  • Maintain compliance

Once a grant award becomes available to your company, we begin the process of completing your project. You will be given access to our dedicated Learning Management System partners who will take on the development and implementation.

Our 2 week Learning Management System Implementation Process in a nut shell:

  • Kick off meeting with all parties (you, Learning Alliance and our LMS Developers) to verify scope and needs
  • Forward all needed design material for the look and feel of your LMS to the LMS developers
  • LMS Developers implement your LMS with branded design
  • Begin the process of creating and adding e-learning content

Last, we maneuver into the continued support and project evolution phase. There are multiple grant iterations that allow you to gain access to funds. During these iterations, you will be able to use those funds for further projects that add value to your LMS.

Currently, among most businesses, the hardest part will be to incorporate the technology into your business. Future grant iteration projects that may interest you include:

  • Connecting your LMS to your HRM system
  • Single Sign On for your LMS to Microsoft Office/Active Directory
  • Building a Phone Application for easy use on mobile devices
  • Partner with LAC to provide you with custom LMS course development

We are here to consult and to help you fund your learning management initiatives. We strive to build relationships that are cultivated from exchanging ideas. By doing so, we shape the futures of our employers and their employees.

To conclude, a Learning Management System allows you to take your compliance, training and reporting to the next level; and we have a roadmap for how you can get there!

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Are you interested in a no cost LMS implementation?

Do you want to discuss no cost LMS implementation and grant opportunities with one of our grant specialists? We can answer all of your questions from when grant funding is allocated, the process of obtaining a grant reward and how we reimburse you fund. If you are interested in discussing the IWT/EWT grant, contact us today!