Words on Wireless - Hiring Programs, FCC and Safety Systems

Veteran Hiring Programs for Wireless Jobs

We partnered with WIA to discuss Veteran hiring programs. Building a Veteran specific hiring programs can benefit your business by providing higher quality hires who are reliable and loyal. Veterans come with key soft skills, valuable hard skills and a motivation unmatched by other demographics. They thrive in a Tower Technician environment because of how close it aligns with their work in the military. – Veteran Hiring Programs

FCC and the 5.9GHz RF Band

RCR Wireless reported on the FCC passing of a proposal to allocate portions of the 5.9 GHz band to multiple types of use. This band was initially designated for the use of Dedicated Short-Range Communications (motor vehicles); however, the technology in that space has been slow to evolve. China is pushing more use of the 5.9GHz band so the FCC wants to maintain competition. Opening this band will allow the use of RF for “other vehicles on the road, infrastructure, cyclists and pedestrians.” FCC and the 5.9GHz Band

WIA Statement on NTIA Letter – Dec. 2019

During the process of opening new RF bands, many concerns have been raised. Resources within some of the allocated frequencies will now be shared with multiple entities like the DoD (Department of Defense), FCC and as far as unlicensed use. The FCC, NTIA and DoD are working together to bridge the gaps between concerns, and WIA’s President and CEO Jonathan Adelstein urges the FCC to move forward with re-allocation as soon as possible in support of 5G. – NTIA Statement from WIA

NATE Pushes for Safety with New Safety Climb Video

NATE’s #ClimberConnection is a great way to obtain quick video related instruction and education. Averaging 3-5 min videos, you can gain valuable insight in a short amount of time. In their Safety Climb video, they discuss safety systems and how to check for hazards. Keeping safe on these systems is a must. With that, your actions on the tower will impact a future climber’s day. So, always stay safe and keep these systems intact! – Safety Climb Systems

FCC Incentive Auctions

The FCC auctions off frequency in the way a large land owner might auction off land. The FCC’s incentive auctions allow broadcasters the ability to relinquish their spectrum for a portion of the proceeds that are earned. This opens new spectrum for other use. In this case, going into 2019, these incentives are helping pave the way for 5G. They also help lower the network congestion of current WIFI networks. – FCC Incentive Auction

Fatal Fall Incidents Down by 14% for 2019

The Bureau of Labor Statistics Census of Fatal Occupational Injuries reported that there was a decline in fatal fall incidents by 14% for 2019. OSHA increase inspections and awareness by providing employers compliance specific tools to help assist them in creating a safer work place. – BLS Fatal Fall Report