LAC Submits Commitment to Talent Pipeline Challenge

For Immediate Release 11/3/20Learning Alliance Newsroom

Learning Alliance Corporation (LAC) submitted its support and commitment to the Talent Pipeline Challenge presented by the White House back in June, 2022.

The Facet Sheet published  stated the initiative is supported by 350 organizations in 50 states that range from employers, educational institutions to local governments, unions, and tribes.

“We are committed to the mission and vision of the Talent Pipeline Challenge by supporting training development initiatives, pre-apprenticeships and apprenticeships. Through partnerships with workforce boards, telecommunications industry employers and colleges, our hope is to help alleviate the workforce shortage in telecommunications,” said Cesar Ruiz, President and CEO of LAC.

There are many projects in the works that include virtual and augmented reality training solutions, new diplomas centered around Fiber and Wireless wired infrastructure, and apprenticeship management solutions.

“By providing an effective ecosystem of technology that enhances the user experience, we can help individuals learn and absorb the knowledge through hands-on, virtual, and micro-learning options enabled in an apprenticeship competency framework,” said Ruiz.

Thus far, there have been 1,528 LAC graduates from telecommunications based programs that align to professions such as RF Tower Technicians, Fiber Optic Technicians, and Wireless Infrastructure Technicians.

“LAC’s commitment remains strong to the telecommunications industry – we look forward to seeing how this Talent Pipeline Challenge helps build the next generation of technicians,” said Ruiz.

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