Learning Alliance Attends Connect X Conference

For Immediate 5/23/2022

Learning Alliance Corporation (LAC) announces their attendance at Connect X on May 23rd in Denver Colorado. Much like last year, Learning Alliance expects their attendance to Connect X to be a huge success. LAC looks forward to networking and connecting with industry leaders in telecom. The anticipated yearly event allows Learning Alliance to engage with respected employer partners and with potential new partners.

“The event gives us a chance to talk about our growth story. In the first Quarter of 2022, the Learning Alliance increased its Broadband Digital Installer (BDI) class sizes to an average of 80 graduates a month,” said Cesar Ruiz, CEO, of Learning Alliance.

The BDI program takes place at our facility in Tampa, FL where we run all our students through a thirty-day boot camp consisting of twelve-hour days, six days a week. During this time, students go through a rigorous training process that encompasses all the skills needed to become a certified Tower Climber.

The NextTech Program, sponsored by T-Mobile in conjunction with Learning Alliance, has added two additional partners at the beginning of the year. Both Qualtek and JMA Wireless have decided to join NextTech’s initiative, and both organizations have committed to the Integrator Commitment as part of the program, which means LAC can train and certify an additional twenty-five students for 2022.

Learning Alliance looks forward to Connect-X and what the remaining year has in store. Come see the team at booth #728.

Check out the Broadband Digital Installer Program set up in a Virtual 3D Walk-Through

About Learning Alliance

Learning Alliance Corporation partners with businesses, colleges, and universities to bring U.S. Veterans and civilians stronger training initiatives that equate to solid career growth. By partnering with employers nationwide, Learning Alliance Corporation has created workshops, labs and simulation programs that align the theoretical concepts with real-world application learning. This adaptable approach creates learning solutions based on the community-specific goals, industry, staff skill level, and corporate culture. Learning Alliance Corporation provides quality instructors who are highly trained and specialize in the areas they teach. Learn more at https://www.mylearningalliance.com or contact Lymaris Pabellon at lpabellon@mylearningalliance.com

About NextTech

The NextTech Diversity Program aims to provide career training and placement for thousands of diverse candidates to take on roles as 5G network technicians. With $750,000 in initial seed funding from T-Mobile and another $150,000 committed from other telecommunications partners, our goal is to create long-term telecom careers where training provides job opportunities for new field service technicians who can install 5G networks on macro towers and small cell deployments.

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