Training Development For Businesses

Learning Alliance Corporation offers no cost training development for businesses. By obtaining grant funding for your initiatives, we provide a turn key solution that helps begin the process of integrating e-learning technology into your business. If you require training compliance for safety and human resources, these programs are a fit for your business.

Instructor Led Lecture and Courses for Businesses

As a business, you may require your employee workforce to upskill in a specific area of expertise. We offer a number of instructor led courses and curriculum that provide you with options in your training. We pair these programs with multiple grant services so that the cost of your program is paid for by grant funds.

We offer instruction on:

  • Project Management – AGILE, PMP and SCRUM
  • Computer Literacy – Microsoft, Development and ITIL/IT
  • Lean Process Management – Lean Sigma Green Belt
  • And much more

Learning Management System (LMS) Implementation

E-Learning begins with a Learning Management System. From a human resource perspective, it can be difficult to accumulate the needed data from an outdated paper filing system. Streamline that process with cloud based reporting and online education.

Learning Management System implementation with LAC benefits your business in these ways:

  • No cost to implement – often it takes thousands of dollars to build and incorporate a system like an LMS. Get quick executive buy in by offering the solution without the price tag
  • Dynamic reporting – maintain your compliance in an easy to use e-learning environment that contains all your course data per employee
  • Integrate your LMS solution with your Payroll/HRM tool and create a fully integrated human resource stack that creates operational efficiency
  • Eliminate your paper process with a dynamic, cloud-based system

Customized Training Programs for Businesses

Your business needs are unique. That means your training will also be unique. We offer dedicated instructors proficient in a wide range of specialties that can take your training and development to the next level. By building personalized training programs, we make sure you get the training you want for your business.

Our customized training program solutions will benefit your business in these ways:

  • No cost to provide – as with all our solutions, we obtain grant funding through the Florida Incumbent Worker Training grant to fully offset your costs
  • Choose your program a la cart – build your program from the ground up by choosing what you require. Our in-person courses range from project management to lean sigma to Microsoft office training and beyond
  • Provide training to your employees so they obtain new skills and help business productivity
  • Through training, your employees will gain more motivation and loyalty to your company

Commission of Independent Education Approved Programs

Are you a business in the Telecommunications industry? Or are you looking to build a great project management program that helps strengthen your management team skills? Our Commission of Independent Education (CIE) approved programs may be a great fit for your training processes!

The benefits of our Telecommunications Programs for employers:

  • Create structured programs centered around Broadband Technologies like Fiber, Wireless and Cell Tower
  • Each Diploma (Broadband, Fiber, Cell Tower) provides students with 8 industry certifications including Certified Competent Climber, OSHA 10, CPR, Fiber and many more
  • True hands on training for your new employees – if they are training to be a Cell Tower Technician, they will climb a 200+ foot cell tower. If they are going for Fiber, they will use an OTDR
  • Fully certified subject matter experts with real world telecommunications experience teaching your new hires
  • Increase retention by starting your new employees off with multiple certifications and a want to progress further

The benefits of our Project Management Programs for employers:

  • Stay up to date with the most recent Project Management Body of Knowledge through the Project Management Institute
  • Build a business culture around measuring project success, return on investment and stream lining the approach to your project portfolios
  • Add value to your management team by building upon their skill sets and helping them obtain their PMP/ACP certifications
  • Our instructors have decades of project management experience

Are you interested in Training Development for Businesses?

Do you want to discuss Training Development for Businesses opportunities with one of our grant specialists? We can answer all of your questions from when grant funding is allocated, the process of obtaining a grant reward and how we reimburse you fund. If you are interested in discussing the IWT/EWT grant, contact us today!